Authentication of Documents for Kuwaiti Citizens

Diplomas: Please call the Cultural Office at (202) 364-2100
Medical Reports: Please call the Health Office at (202) 686-4304
General POA: The applicant should be present at the Embassy.
Special POA: School Certificate: Notarized by the Notary Public then sent to the Embassy with the following:

  • Copy of valid passport.
  • Copy of civil ID for the recipient of the POA in Kuwait.

Birth Certificates:

  • Original from the Department of Health.
  • Copy of parents' passports.
  • Copy of marriage certificate or copy of the page stating the husband's name in the wife's passport.

FEES: $25.00 each for all of the above except for medical reports and school certificates.

PLEASE NOTE: Documents that do not meet the requirements will have to be returned.